Paid Online Surveys – Separating the Reality From the Hype Satta Matka

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Paid Online Surveys – Separating the Reality From the Hype Satta Matka


You see it all over the Net these days. Someone promising that you can make $150 an hour taking paid online surveys, or make thousands of dollars a month taking surveys. When you see claims like that, just keep going. Someone is just using hype to oversell what is realistically possible, and is dangling sucker bait in front of you.

Like most exorbitant claims, there is some germ of reason, some reality to start with. One could say, “Play baseball and get paid millions of dollars a year! Lots of others are doing it!” Yeah, right. It is possible, but that does not prove that you are likely to be another one that does that.

The hype-artist dream-merchants are using the same psychological motivators used by those who sell lottery tickets. They point out the winners, who get a great deal of publicity, and say, “Just imagine! You could win millions of dollars!. They don’t mention the millions of people who lost their money and threw out useless lottery tickets the day after the drawing.

If you visit many of the hyping websites, you can see that the text was written by people who were poorly educated or whose first language is not English. Nevertheless they try to push you into Matka buying your dream of riches through them. Beware; they are selling impossible dreams, not attainable reality.

The reality is that most paid online surveys pay between $5 and $25. Sure you can make more in focus groups, but those are generally reserved for established, proven survey takers, who by their promptness of response and completeness of answers have inspired the confidence of the survey makers. Don’t count on seeing one of those in your first 90 days. Or maybe in your first six months.

The reality is that most successful survey takers make between $200 and $600 a month. Less than 5-10% ever make over $1,000 a month.

The reality is that reliable companies, who can lead you through the traps and potholes to really making money, can write in perfect English. They have guarantees backed up by financial companies, not just their own promises. You can check their refund rates to see what their clients think about their services.

Taking paid online surveys is still a good, lucrative, money-making activity. It’s not hard work, it’s easy to get started and it can make you money.

But don’t think you will be able to quit your day job and get rich taking surveys! And you can rest assured that anyone who tells you different is at best viewing the world through rose-colored glasses. Most probably he is hyping shoddy wares with intention to help flatten your wallet in his favor. And he is certainly treating you as a credulous sucker, expecting you to believe such outlandish claims!


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